Guide To Men's Leather Bomber Jackets: Styles & Trends

Leather bomber jacket mens - the epitome of boyish charm, grace, and playfulness. It’s truly a pity that most people don’t know how to wear a leather bomber jacket mens. Some fancy wearing a leather jacket bomber jacket with a crumpled white tee, while others go overboard with the layers.

Very few people pay attention to the ways different bomber jackets go with different outfits. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly that and also mention some separate fabrics that add double the depth to a simple black leather bomber jacket.


Top 5 Popular Leather Bomber Jacket Mens Styles

Shearling Leather Bomber Jacket Mens

It’s quite fascinating how even after decades are men’s leather bomber jackets in style, specifically shearling. A brown or black leather bomber jacket shearling has a lion’s mane which makes every outfit seem no less than a thousand dollars. But it's still important to wear the right pants with your shearling leather jacket bomber jacket.

A jet-set athletic shearling jacket fit features a cameo colour combo. The olive green or cameo-coloured round-neck sweater makes the perfect base. Pair this with green or brown cargo pants and that’s how to wear a leather bomber jacket men shearling.



Puffer Leather Bomber Jacket Mens

Many men question the fact that why are mens leather jacket bomber jacket in style, only and particularly puffer jackets. Well, apart from their practicality, a black leather bomber jacket mens puffer looks kind of pudgy. But if you know how to wear a leather bomber jacket men puffer with style, it can turn into your favorite article.

Meanwhile get yourself a black leather bomber jacket puffer with a high neck and wear it as the star top over your regular shirt. For bottoms, go with a pair of white straight-fit pants. The combination of white leather and white linen is classic. And that’s how are black leather bomber jacket in style.

bomber leather jacket

Varsity Leather Bomber Jacket Mens

Varsity leather jackets are mens leather bomber jacket in style all year round. The monograms on this jacket make it exclusive design-wise. Even though styling a varsity leather jacket bomber jacket isn’t hard, you can always up your style game with a little advice from the experts.

In addition to  enhance your youthful, green-boy charm, wear a black leather bomber jacket mens with a white basic t-shirt. Follow it up with black or grey pants. Whenever in doubt about how to wear a leather bomber jacket mens, simply wear this look. It’s safe, classic, and super stylish.

Varsity Leather Jacket

Classic Leather Bomber Jacket Mens

Are men’s leather bomber jackets in style for classics? And if yes, how to wear a leather bomber jacket men, the classic way. Classics do not always have to be bland for the sake of following the repeating signature style. You are allowed to do a little extra when dealing with a classic black leather bomber jacket.

However, if you ask us, here’s how to wear a leather bomber jacket mens. Start with a black cable-knit sweater with a close-neck. With that, wear pants of an opposite but slightly-going shade, say brown. Keep a balance of the silhouettes by wearing loose-fit pants for bottoms.

Maroon Classic Leather Jacket

Flight Leather Bomber Jacket Mens

A flight leather jacket bomber jacket is an imitation of the shearling jacket, just a bit milder. But.. are mens leather jacket bomber jacket in style? Always! The tough, edgy vibe it offers is definitely not a miss.

To enhance the look of this jacket even more, style it with grace and a high-neck expensive woolen sweater. If you’re going with a brown leather jacket, get a beige or camel sweater. Underneath, wear light-camel or chino pants. This is the best advice on how to wear a leather bomber jacket mens, without trampling its original aura.

 Suede Jacket

How to Wear a Leather Bomber Jacket Men

With Leather

Leather-on-leather is a trend that is bound to stay with us for eternity. The double leather look can make the sweetest of bomber leather jackets seem dark and mysterious.

With Cashmere

Beige cashmere gives a mature and decent look to something as fresh as a leather bomber jacket mens. Pair up your best cashmere sweaters with a tan/brown leather bomber jacket to look like a Ralph Lauren model.

With Tweed

Tweed represents upper-country clothing but when paired with a black leather bomber jacket, it gives off anti-nepotism. Controversial? We don’t think so. It shows individuality with high opinions.

With Flannel

Flannels are a guy’s best buddy at work. It cuts down the chicness of the leather bomber jacket and reflects good taste with responsibility. Wearing this combo is like going out for a stroll in the fall - simply breezy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a leather bomber jacket look shiny?

The best way to make a leather jacket look healthy, shiny, and even glossy, is to apply a thin layer of leather conditioner. You can also use saddle cream. 

What can you do to remove tough water stains from a leather bomber jacket?

You can remove tough water stains from leather jackets by rubbing the stains with a mixture of water and vinegar - equal parts. After getting rid of the stain, massage coconut oil on the previously stained surface for nourishment.

Why is my leather bomber jacket so stiff?

New leather jackets are often stiff and require some time to break in. You can always use neatsfoot oil and brush it on the leather to enhance its flexibility faster.