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      Mens Leather Jacket Complete Guide For 2024

      The man of the 21st century is not known for his rough hands or grey strands but for the grace he carries himself with. This grace comes with composed wardrobe choices because checkered shirts won’t make you look promising.

      The one solution to your ninety-nine wardrobe problems is a quality leather jacket that displays your aura with every inch. ‘That leather jacket’ is all you need to conquer your world because what you wear matters in the real world.

      One must remember that a leather jacket is no longer a fashion accessory, it’s a statement and a bold one for sure. If you too wish to create a daunting spirit around yourself, get yourself a mens leather jacket.

      A mens leather jacket is all about depth contrary to a women’s leather jacket which plays on colour and cuts. So the best strategy here is to play on your two strengths; textures and designs.

      Leather jacket is a major niche in itself with several minute branches, meaning variety for you. Choosing the one made for you can be tough, which is why it’s important to know your leather jacket inside out.

      And to know about leather jackets means you have to know about leather which is probably the best thing ever happened to mankind.

      Popular Leather Jacket Styles for Men

      Shearling Leather Jacket

      A shearling jacket men’s version is an extraordinary design superior to all other leather jacket designs. The three adjectives to describe a shearling leather jacket are insulating, imposing, and glorious. Contrary to popular belief, mens shearling leather jackets were not first crafted in 1917 as the B3 bomber jacket.

      The first design has been around since prehistoric times. A shearling leather jacket isn’t something you wear on an ordinary stroll for errands. This jacket is something you keepsake for your special moments. It’s also a garment you can wear to leave great impressions because not everyone can afford a shearling leather jacket.

      Motorcycle Leather Jacket

      A motorcycle leather jacket is the one leather jacket you can count on for any event. Also known as a racer jacket and cafe leather jacket, this garment covers all your outfit needs. It is the one thing you need to top off your plain tee and jeans.

      Motorcycles leather jackets for men were introduced to the world by Irving Schott in the 1920s. These jackets took off huge as the biker trend hit different parts of the world. Leather jackets for men motorcycle are a quick wardrobe hack for most men because they’re always in fashion and have a broad silhouette.

      Biker Leather Jacket

      A mens leather biker jacket is often mistaken for a racer jacket when the asymmetry is a differing factor. Leather jackets bikes are the OG men’s jackets of all time considering they’re loved by every man and woman. The first ever mens biker leather jacket was made in 1928 but got recognition decades later.

      Legendary pop icon Elvis Presley has a major role in giving the biker leather jacket its deserved hype. During Presely’s period, a leather biker jacket was worn as a symbol of rebelliousness but today it’s worn by every cute guy next door.

      Double Rider Leather Jacket

      While a biker leather jacket suits every vibe, a double-rider leather jacket is more intense and suited for punks. The excessive quilts on the sleeves, studs and double zippers make this jacket look overflowing with emotions. A double-rider leather jacket delivers strong emotions of anger, defiance, and restlessness.

      That being said, double-rider leather jackets are a huge hit even today. Regardless of their not-so-subtle looks, this jacket is adored by teens as well as tweens. The only problem with carrying a double rider leather jacket is styling it which leaves you less scope for creativity.

      Bomber Leather Jacket

      A bomber leather  jacket, also known as a B3 bomber jacket is a heavier version of the regular shearling. This jacket features a puffy, aerated sort of base with the rest of the features the same as a shearling jacket. The b3 mens bomber leather jackets was invented in 1934 using sheepskin weather and thick sheep fur.

      This jacket was manufactured by US Aviation for insulation purposes, however, this design was revolutionized later on. A shearling brown leather bomber jacket mens is pretty common in the Northern States as they are warm and perfect for casual use. It’s also easy to style and provides an effortlessly chic look.

      Field Leather Jacket

      Field leather jackets are the ultimate manly leather jackets with a minimum glam factor. The jacket features a commoner vibe with its partly distressed, partly alert look. Field jackets were invented in 1941 during WWII. They were designed as part of the combat uniform but got popularized among the common man.

      Field jackets are a popular choice among men who are always on the go with their trucks all loaded up. The jacket is a practical choice as it has a lot of pockets and a comfortable interior. Its straight silhouette and standing collars make it look dashing as well.

      Distressed Leather Jacket

      Distressed leather jackets are all about texture. These jackets have a very well-developed patina from aging. Not all leather jackets can be distressed which is why these jackets undergo an intense procedure of curing and tanning. A nice distressed mens leather jacket often features rips and discoloration in some areas but it’s intentional.

      The colour of most distressed leather jackets is black, brown, or tan as these shades show off the distressed look perfectly. The distressed effects are usually done on the racer or field jackets as they carry it better. You’ll rarely witness distressed effects on biker or bomber jackets because the two naturally have a glossy sheen.

      Leather Blazer Jacket

      A leather blazer jacket is one of the best fusion leather jackets ever created. The leather blazer combines the design and textures of a normal blazer with regular glossy leather. These blazer jackets are a highly popular date night garment among men as they’re casual yet fancy.

      Even though there’s no history of the origin of this brilliant garment, they were most viral during the disco era of the 1980s. Even though leather blazers are not suitable for all events, they eliminate the need for accessorization like watches or cufflinks. It’s fair to say that the blazer jacket is a star element.

      Popular Sources of Authentic Leather

      Cowskin Leather

      A vast majority of men's leather jackets feature cowhide leather. The reason is its texture and nature. Cow skin is extremely tough texture-wise which makes it durable as well. Even though it’s not stretchable, the strong fibres stay intact after rough usage for years.

      Moreover, cowhide has a distinctive look with prominent grain and a smooth yet uneven surface. The soft leather requires some serious buffing before it is comfortable to wear but the end product used in men’s leather jacket is pliable enough. Cowskin leather is perfect for flight jackets as it can bear the consequences of physical toil much better.

      Sheepskin Leather

      Sheepskin leather is the second-best option for men’s leather jackets because of its premium touch comfort. The leather is sourced from mature ovine animals specifically those that are slaughtered for their meat, not skin. This makes sheepskin leather ethically correct as opposed to lambskin.

      Sheepskin leather has a soft and smooth natural texture. It is durable as well as affordable for many. The best part about sheepskin leather is its high-quality insulation that comes at such a lightweight. Without a doubt, sheepskin leather is the perfect example of luxury meets comfort.

      Lambskin Leather

      Lambskin leather is the same as sheepskin leather as both are sourced from the same ovine family. However, lambskin is the hide of younger animals which is why it has a thin grain. This feature makes lambskin leather way more finer and luxurious than sheepskin.

      Lambskin leather is mostly used in summer mens leather jacket as it doesn’t offer excellent insulation. The lightweight also makes it hard for the jacket to maintain a fixed structure so lambskin leather jackets require assistance of the lining. In short, lambskin isn’t the first choice of most men but it does the job just fine. 

      Pigskin Leather

      Pigskin leather is a great and common alternative to cowskin leather. It possesses many properties of cowskin but at better affordability. Similar to cowhide, pigskin leather features a strong fibre that adds to its durability. However, unlike cowskin, pigskin is extremely soft and supple.

      The leather can be used for hardcore garments like shearling leather jackets as well as light ones like bomber jackets. In addition to abrasion resistance, pigskin leather does not stiffen after moisture exposure. It’s also quite flexible and retains the tan well.

      Types of Leather Grain

      Full Grain Leather

      Full-grain leather is the ideal choice for a premium quality mens leather jacket because of its various properties. Extracted from the top layers of the hide, full-grain leather is extremely tough to the touch. This means a grainy texture in addition to extended durability. Full grain is highly moisture-resistant and ages well. The grain leather is used in its pure form with all imperfections present. It’s not sanded or buffed for a smoother texture because that will ruin the grain quality.

      Top Grain Leather

      Top-grain leather is taken from the same area as full-grain leather but it is smoother to the touch. The reason behind its soft texture is minor buffing to remove irregularities of the grain. Apart from the smooth texture and slight flexibility, the top grain is lightweight and less insulative than full grain. The breathability is also compromised and the top grain cannot develop a patina naturally well. However, it is a popular choice for most cafe racer jackets.

      Bicast Leather Grain

      Bicast leather grain is taken from the layer right below the top grain leather. This leather type has a medium grain which is why it is also called split grain. Being naturally irregular, this leather type requires buffing as it is something in between a finished and an unfinished look. Bicast leather is extremely flexible and soft, requiring extra care. Even though this leather type is highly vulnerable to stains and spots, it feels luxurious to the touch. 

      Genuine Leather

      Genuine leather is crafted from the scarps of top grain and full grain leather. It is not extracted as one complete layer but is mixed using several hundred pieces. Since both leather types are hard, genuine leather requires intense buffing to get a smooth texture. Compared to other leather types, genuine leather does not have a rich leather feel. However, it undergoes artificial processes to achieve a similar texture to top-grain leather.

      Bonded Leather

      Bonded leather is not real leather because, like genuine leather, it is made from leather scraps. It is crafted by blending leather scraps with chemicals like latex and PU. This leather type also goes through different processes of tanning and embossing to achieve a desired state. Bonded leather is used in low-quality leather jackets but still is a priority because of its low rates. This leather type is not at all durable and rarely lasts more than 5 years.

      Popular Lining Choices for Men’s Leather Jackets

      Bemberg Lining

      Bemberg or cupro lining is a top pick of most fashion houses for men’s leather jackets. The fabric has a close resemblance to silk with a subtle sheen and breathability, though it’s originally cotton. Bmeberg lining is used as a luxury lining and thus bears heavy pricing.

      Polyester Lining

      Polyester lining is a great option for mens leather jacket because of the smooth texture. Apart from the texture, men prefer polyester for their leather jacket lining due to its insulation. The lightweight, wrinkle-free fabric is ideal for cold temperatures as it traps the body heat inside.

      Silk Lining

      The silk lining is one of the best lining options in the world because of its hypoallergenic properties. Men too can have sensitive skin and silk controls eczema and bacterial infections. Moreover, silk is highly absorbent and makes your skin feel moisturized. It’s not good at insulation though.

      Acetate Lining

      Acetate lining is pretty similar to polyester mainly because of the texture. Even though it’s not durable, acetate is cheaper and highly wrinkle-resistant. The fabric is also known for its top-tier breathability and versatility. Acetate lining is soft, smooth, and comfortable making it a hit among men.

      Popular Trends Revolving Around Leather Jackets 

      When it comes to mens leather jacket trends, some basics have been repeating for decades. The basic leather jacket designs of biker, racer, bomber, and shearling and you’ll find a lot of trends revolving around these four. This first we’re discussing is very casual-chic. It features leather jackets bikes with regular-fit denim jeans and a classic white round-neck. The look is worn by many celebs including David Beckham.

      Another classy mens leather jacket trend involves a brown leather jacket bomber with a beige turtleneck and pants. This look is pure old money, mainly because of the contrast of the brown bomber leather jacket and the inner. It’s mild and magnificent at the same time. Note that the brown leather bomber jackets mens here have to be shiny and not matte.

      Cafe racer jackets have been a favourite among men since Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise. His signature Tom Cruise look featuring a black or brown cafe racer jacket with shirts and t-shirts has been a hit around town. The classic trend can be spotted on red carpets many times as well.

      You can also consider the long-lost, once-viral trend of Wolverine field jackets to be evergreen because some men still swear by it. This look features a distressed field jacket in black with brown stripes on the sleeves. The inner is a plain pumpkin brown checkered shirt with baggy jeans. With the top part unbuttoned and the shirt collar showing through, this look delivers supreme Wolverine vibes.

      Johnny Depp’s shirt-style leather jacket will forever be an inspo for cool dads. The look mainly comprises a brown textured shirt-style leather jacket and striped pants. For the inner, there is a white button shirt and a grey woollen jacket. This trend is perfect for winter and has a carefree yet alert look that mature people love.

      Another cool leather jacket trend for winter is the b3 bomber jacket or shearling jacket men’s. It includes a closed grey neck t-shirt with straight-fit chinos and the starring garment, the black shearling leather jacket. This look screams rough royalty as the camel pants and grey shirt contrast gives off on-duty daredevil vibes, especially when you add a mild neck accessory.

      One trend that is not very common but repeats itself after a few years is that of the leather blazer jacket. This trend features a solid turtleneck with straight-fit black pants and the showstopper brown leather blazer. This trend has been around since 2000 right after being premiered on the popular sitcom Friends by Ross Geller.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are leather jackets unisex?

      Most leather jackets are unisex, for example, the classic straight silhouette leather biker jacket. However, with the recent variations, men can’t wear the curved waist women’s leather jackets for obvious reasons. Although in some cases, with boxy silhouettes, men and women can share the same jackets.

      Do leather jackets look good on everyone?

      Leather jackets can look good on anyone considering you style them right. As a leather jacket is more of an upper, it requires pairing with the correct inners. The basic mens leather jacket style is of a white shirt with dark wash denim.

      What season do you wear leather jackets?

      The leather itself is a warm material suitable for winters, however, linings and leather grade can make them wearable in warm weather too. A mens leather jacket with temperature-regulating lining and lambskin genuine leather is ideal for spring when it's not too hot.

      What age should men stop wearing leather jackets?

      There’s no age restriction for wearing leather jackets. Men at the age of 40+ also wear leather jackets. You should know the right design to suit yourself at a particular age. For example, field jackets and shirt-style leather jackets are perfect for mature looks.

      How to prevent leather jackets from fading?

      You can prevent a mens leather jacket from fading with proper care and maintenance. Not exposing the jacket to heat and sunlight right after moisture will allow the leather to relax. Storing it in a cool and dry place when not in use also helps.

      What’s so special about leather jackets?

      Leather is a unique material in terms of texture. It holds a strong aura compared to other fabrics. Its natural aesthetics make leather jackets demandable. The material being expensive to source also adds up to its popularity. Most importantly, leather jackets are warm, cool, practical and chic all at the same time.

      Crafting Quality: The PrimeLeatherShop Commitment to Excellence

      A mens leather jacket is not an ordinary garment that you can wear as a side piece. It’s the charmer that gives you that main character energy. A well-composed mens leather jacket outfit can make you look well-dressed and well-versed. Remember, first impression matters and people get the best first impressions by looking at what you wear. So select your leather jacket carefully because every mens leather jacket has a story. The jacket you’re wearing will say a lot about yourself, so don’t just pick any. Think carefully about yourself and what you want your garment to reflect about yourself. Because again, a mens leather jacket is not an ordinary garment…