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      The Ultimate Leather Jacket Women Guide 2024

      Women's leather jackets are a timeless classic with an endless aesthetic appeal. With looks, functionality, and comfort, all together, a womens leather jacket is the ultimate garment dominating others.

      A well-crafted, well-designed, and authentic women leather jacket makes all the difference in the world. Because real leather jackets are more than just studs and glossy sheen.

      From the leather type to the interior lining, every element plays a crucial role in turning a sheath into a jacket. Something as basic as the stitch pattern can bind fibers firmly for years of rough handling, making it a factor of consideration.

      Not to forget the role textures play in bringing a simple women's leather jacket under the spotlight. Moreover, the endless variety of colors and trends with each passing year only adds to the confusion.

      Matching the right texture, design, and exact color to add life to the jacket requires hardcore research. With unlimited options comes great risk of overdoing what can be aced by a minimal chic women leather jacket.

      When choose a leather jacket is a description of your persona and mood, one should be well-rehearsed before buying a women's leather jacket. This fact gives another reason to dive deeper into the technicalities of women's leather jackets.

      Popular Leather Jacket Designs for Women

      Biker Leather Jacket

      A black leather biker jacket is an all-time trend. With a premium biker leather jacket women edition, you're sorted for all seasons and events. The asymmetrical jacket was designed by Irving Schott in the 1920s. However, the trend of studded biker leather jackets with goth attire took off during the 70's punk era.

      The classic women biker leather jackets excludes studs and chunky embellishments, though it maintains lapel collars and asymmetry. Most classic variations also feature leather epaulets and waist belts. Biker jackets for women usually have a regular fit to accommodate well-fitted cropped tops and turtlenecks.

      Bomber Leather Jacket

      An expertly crafted women bomber leather jacket is a one-in-all solution for your street-style outfit inspo. The jacket is the definition of comfy winter wear because, in contrast to different leather jackets, this one offers optimum insulation without feeling heavy. Bomber leather jacket womens are a variation of flight jackets which were designed in 1917 for obvious reasons.

      This spectacular leather jacket design caught stardom in the 90s and has since been a winter staple for many Americans. The cool part about a bomber leather jacket women is its functionality that doesn't restrict movement. Hence, this jacket is ideal for everyday outdoor events.

      Moto Leather Jacket

      A moto leather jacket womens is known by many names such as motorcycle and racer jacket. This leather jacket women's design brings a very savvy edge to the table. The rumors of its invention date back to the same period as a biker leather jacket.

      Moto leather jackets gained public attention right after their release in the 20's due to the birth of motorcycle clubs and culture. This jacket is still very popular and is worn by ladies because of the straight, rough-and-tough look it provides. A quality moto racer leather jacket will allow you to exude confidence wherever you go.

      Shearling Leather Jacket

      Nothing beats the cold better than a warm, snuggly, shearling leather jacket. The shearling jacket women's is for hard winters when you need to double the warmth from the thick leather and sherpa. Shearling women's leather jackets were introduced to the world during the 1930's or 40's.

      These leather jackets became excessively popular during the 1950's and have since been a major fashion statement. The shearling leather jacket is also a symbol of extravagance and high taste. Women wear this jacket throughout America as soon as the winter hits. Regardless of its hefty price tags, shearling jackets are on many people's Christmas lists.

      Leather Blazer Jacket

      Whether you're a rising entrepreneur or a corporate boss-babe, a leather blazer is the one garment that'll do you justice every time. A blazer leather jacket women falls mid to low crotch, which fits the business formal code. The leather material tones down the formality, adding easiness to the garment.

      A blazer leather jacket women is a modern adaptation of the regular blazers creating a funky business outfit acceptable as per the corporate workplace norms. The blazer jackets are finally getting the hype they deserve as business-casual fashion is getting promoted through social media.

      Varsity Leather Jacket

      Varsity leather jackets are the unofficial gaming season uniform for women. The jacket is a modern take on an athletic-chic leather jacket bomber women. With an identical silhouette, the same elastic cuffs and neck, and cropped length, the design is highly practical.

      Varsity leather jackets are a fun take on the original bomber jacket as they feature alphabets, stripes, and popping athletic logos. Most in-house college football, baseball, and basketball teams launch varsity jacket merch since it's the most-bought. Out of athletic capacity, varsity jackets pair perfectly with casual streetwear.

      Popular Sources of Authentic Leather 

      Cattle Leather

      Cowhide is the most popular and common source of leather for many reasons. The leather extracted from cowhide is not only warm but extremely thick and tough. This adds up to the durability of the women's leather jackets. Moreover, the classic cowhide leather features a prominent texture that retains tan well.

      Sheep Leather

      For people looking for softness and lightweight, nothing does the job better than sheep leather. Sheepskin is highly flexible owing to its thin grain, and is commonly used to craft wallets, belts and such accessories. A womens leather jacket made of sheepskin will look and smell fresh for years of usage.

      Goat Leather

      Goat leather is one of the most demanded leathers worldwide mainly because of its natural grainy appearance. Even though the grain of goatskin is soft, it's a bit prominent, making the hide perfect for textured leather jackets. Moreover, the hide is quite tough and lasts almost as long as cowhide.

      Deer Leather

      Deer leather is another great alternative of sheep and goat leather partly because of its top-notch breathability. The leather also features minute stretch making it a top-pick by manufacturers. Deer leather possesses a natural supple-ness that makes it a rare and luxurious option.

      Types of Leather Grain

      Full Grain Leather

      Full-grain leather comes from the part of the hide right below the hair layer. As its name suggests, full-grain leather has a visibly prominent grain that hasn't been buffed to blur. Mild sanding leads to a slightly smooth texture, but you can still feel the irregularities. The purpose of this leather grain is to enhance the durability, toughness, and insulation of the leather. Full-grain leather can develop a rich patina over time, aging slowly and gracefully.

      Top Grain Leather

      Top-grain leather is basically full-grain leather, which is buffed enough to blur out the grain. The main reason behind the extra buffing is to even out the texture of the leather, leaving one flat, uniform surface. This constant buffing loosens up the fiber, making the leather slightly less durable than full-grain. However, it also removes excess weight from the leather, giving you lighter-weight leather jackets. Top grain is also preferred because of its overall comfort.

      Split Grain Leather

      Contrary to full grain, which is the top layer of the hide, split grain leather comes from the low-level layers of the animal skin. Coming from an area that nears the flesh, split grain leather has a torn or smashed granule that isn't much visible. The split-grain is further buffed to remove irregularities, making it smoother, softer, and more comfortable to wear. However, split-grain leather is not ideal for weather jackets as the process of tanning and sanding can transform it into suede.

      Genuine Leather

      Genuine leather is a broad term that defines real or authentic leather that is not vegan or faux. However, genuine leather is also considered to be the lower-level hide of the animal. The layer below the split grain is extremely soft yet weak. This leather makes super lightweight leather jackets, though it's not meant to be durable or warm unless lining is added. Genuine leather is famous because of its affordability, though full, top, and split leathers should be prioritized more.

      Bonded Leather

      Bonded leather is one of the lowest types of leather and is not recommended for leather jackets or any leather wear. This leather type features no grain as it is made from the leftover residue of genuine leather. Genuine leather itself has no grain, but this leather lacks original texture. This leather type is usually embossed to provide an artificial texture. It's also very weak and tears apart easily on application of force. Bonded leather is prone to abrasion, cracks, fading, and peeling.

      Popular Lining Choices for Leather Jackets


      Polyester is the go-to option of leather jacket manufacturers for inner because of the many properties of the fabric. A good quality polyester fabric adds structure to the leather jacket and doesn't allow it to drake loosely, regardless of the fit. It is also soft, wrinkle-resistant, shiny, insulative, and inexpensive.


      Satin is a luxurious fabric known because of its uncanny resemblance with the silky silk fabric. Regardless of the thickness of your leather jacket, satin lining is a great option because of its long filament fibers that reduce friction. The satin also resists wrinkles, creases, and offers double the comfort than regular fabrics.


      Silk and satin are basically twin fabrics with silk being the glossier one inside out. The fabric features the exact same benefits as satin offering the same comfort level. However, there are a few additional benefits of silk lining such as catering to allergies and skin sensitivities, dealing with body heat, and moisture.


      Cotton is the most basic yet common option for lining a women's leather jacket. Apart from being sustainable, cotton is extremely low-maintenance, comfortable, and non-clingy. It is also non-allergenic and perfect for all temperatures. Wearing cotton lining is nothing special but works well for everyday leather jackets.


      Viscose is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and makes up a great fabric for leather jacket linings. It is also known as faux silk because of its slight sheen, softness, and smooth texture. Viscose is a highly absorbent fabric with exceptional breathability and a structure that keeps its shape.


      Fleece lining is a great option if you want a cozy, structure-retaining, and warm interior finish. The material has a blanket-like woolen texture that is highly insulative. Fleece fibers are a bit long, but regardless of their length, they're very lightweight. The lining is perfect for light-coat shearling leather jackets.


      Sherpa lining is extremely warm and is only suitable for intense winters. The fabric is made to withstand snow and harsh winds, so it is bound to have some weight. Sherpa lining straight away feels like a cloud. The thick and long yet soft fiber feels bushy against your body, adding a layer of warmth.


      Visually, taffeta might not seem like the perfect choice for lining, but it works just as well as cotton. The shiny, stiff fabric is well-known for its durability, but as a lining, it is popular for giving the jacket a structure. Although it's not breathable, taffeta is a comfortable option for winter leather jackets.

      Popular Trends Revolving Around Leather Jackets

      Trends come and go but some remain evergreen like the trend of wearing a black leather biker jacket with skinny jeans. There's no joke when it comes to doing an all-black skin-fit motorcycle look featuring a black turtleneck. It's a teen favorite look and a go-to for many while attending concerts.

      The beauty of leather jackets is that they pair well with every possible style, even boho-chic, which makes it a great option for Coachella. Regardless of the heat, ladies prefer combining a racer white or tan leather jacket women with fringe skirts. The fusion of rich leather with flowy and sheer fabric creates an ingenious look.

      Unconventional fashion is still fashion and where there is fashion, you're bound to find the presence of leather jackets. The best avant-garde trend of all time featuring leather jackets is of the leather trench coat with full-length gown. This look was spotted a few times at the Met Gala on celebs like Kim K and Gigi Hadid.

      Popular Styles To Wear 

      Not all trends that revolve around leather jackets have to be glamorous. The bomber leather jacket offers women diverse street-style and casualwear looks. For example, the viral baggy bomber look featuring a cropped white top, oversized bomber jacket, and baggy light-wash denim jeans is a tomboy favorite.

      With a bomber leather jacket, women can also create a pure chic look, but the jacket isn't the main highlight. The main highlights are the hoop earrings and glossy lips. This trend has been around for a while and stars a white cropped top, black leather pants, and a bomber leather jacket. The motive of the bomber jacket is to pull the look together and add an element of glitz to the attire.

      Whoever says leather jackets are for punks is lying. White leather jackets are loved by the upper East siders during their Paris trips. The white-on-white classic never fails to deliver old-money chic vibes. This is why you'll find many NewYorkers donning a white leather jacket over a classic white dress.

      Popular Styles for All Ages

      Leather is a versatile material, but somehow, people associate it with youth. We do not support this stance, as leather suits moms just as well as it does teens and tweens. This trend is one that gets busy moms an instantly put-together look. With the white button-down, mom jeans, and messy bun being the signature look of most moms, it requires only one tan leather jacket to turn their look from boring to ravishing.

      The shearling tan leather jacket has been in the spotlight with the rise of the clean girl aesthetic era. A sleek bun with straight-fit pants, a well-fitted t-shirt and an expensive shearling jacket is what creates the clean girl vibe. Even though shearling jackets have been around for decades, this look has hyped up the sales of shearling jackets.

      • Another popular yet slightly dark trend that started recently but seems to be permanent is leather-on-leather, courtesy of Kylie Jenner. The launch of her clothing brand, Khy, brought a wave of all-leather reels on social media. This means that leather palazzos with tops are here to stay for good.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How should a women's leather jacket fit?

      A women's leather jacket should be neither loose nor fit except for when the original design requires so. A regular fit leather jacket should have long fitted sleeves with comfortable arm-holes. The chest area should be a bit snuggly but the rest of the bodice should lightly mold itself to the body.

      Are leather jackets washable?

      No, leather jackets are not washable, as excessive moisture exposure can cause the leather to shrink. You can however, use damp cloth to wipe off the surface of the leather jacket. Using a damp cloth won't rip off the natural oils from the jacket, leaving it clean yet well-nourished.

      How do I choose a women's leather jacket?

      Choosing a women's leather jacket can be tough if you don't know which occasion to wear it on. So start with the mental sketch of the design, then select the color, then material, and lining. You can also evaluate your options better if you know your personal style.

      Do leather jackets wear out?

      Even the most top-quality, well-processed leather jackets are prone to wearing out, but the time duration can differ. A low-quality leather jacket can last up to 5 years, while quality jackets can last a decade. The longevity of a leather jacket also depends upon maintenance and care.

      Are leather jackets in fashion in 2024?

      Leather jacket women's are always in fashion. The classics, biker, and racer leather jackets are an all-time evergreen trend independent of fashion masters' approval. Baggy-fit leather jackets are hitting the 2024 fashion runways with a storm and are forecasted to be a huge hit.

      How can you tell if a leather jacket is good quality?

      You can tell if a leather jacket is good quality or not by checking its leather type. If a jacket features cow leather, it is of exceptional quality; however, if one features genuine leather, it's poor quality. Exotic leather jackets such as crocodile and snakeskin come with game-changing qualities and textures.

      Crafting Quality: The PrimeLeatherShop Commitment to Excellence

      Leather jackets for women are the gold crown of any look since they have the potential to turn an outfit from bland to grand. A trusty leather jacket is something you should always have in your wardrobe in case of an emergency or that special occasion you've been waiting for. Considering there's a leather jacket for every personality, body type, mood, and skin tone, you've got no excuse to save your next salary. Just check out the Prime Leather Shop for the best women leather jacket sale section and please your longing heart with that ravishing leather jacket.