Mastering Vintage Cool: A Guide on How to Style Vintage Leather Bomber Jackets

In the world of fashion we all know that Bomber leather jackets are a vibe, but vintage leather bomber jackets are the moment! Compared to regular bomber leather jackets, vintage leather bomber jackets hold twice the depth and charisma. It’s like you’re getting a two-in-one deal, making the garment intense and all the more electrifying.

While a vintage leather bomber jacket is a dream wardrobe possession for many ladies, styling it can freak you out. Vintage leather bomber jackets can easily overpower any outfit, so styling it requires weighing out the various technicalities of colors, prints, and textures.

To simplify things, we’ve curated this guide about styling a vintage leather jacket bomber black and brown in multiple ways. So head below and stick till the end.

5 Ways to Style Vintage Leather Bomber Jackets

Tomboy Style Featuring Oversized Vintage Bomber Jacket

Even though the tomboy style revolves around masculine silhouettes, they are extremely attractive. To make a tomboy look even more stunning, you can pair your boxy garments with a brown bomber leather jacket. Vintage leather bomber jackets have a naturally androgynous fit, which is perfect for this clothing style.

To achieve this look, you’ll need A: a brown bomber leather jacket and B: an oversized t-shirt and flared denim jeans. The oversized t-shirt and flared denim jeans with the bomber jacket offer a classic tomboy look. You can go a bit extra by matching the brown leather jacket with a brown men’s belt and your regular brown boots.

brown bomber leather jacket

Chic Style Featuring Vintage Biker Bomber Jacket

Vintage leather bomber jackets are the fix for many things, including this pure chic look. For this look, the show's two stars are a vintage leather jacket bomber black or brown and large hoop earrings. They uplift the other two garments magnificently.

So start off by pairing an olive-brown, well-fitted mock neck top with medium-rise wide-legged jeans. This look features wide-legged jeans instead of straight or any other fit to create a contrast between the silhouettes. Over it, wear the vintage leather jacket bomber black or brown with notch lapel collars. The collars give a slight illusion of a biker-style jacket. For shoes, go with Moccasins for extra chicness.

Bomber Leather Jacket

Mom Style Featuring Vintage Cropped Bomber Jacket

What do Beverly Hills moms wear when running errands at Erewhon? Something classy, posh, with a hint of retro. This mom-style look featuring a vintage brown bomber leather jacket is an essential among LA moms for many reasons. The jacket's cropped cool look is the most essential element in this entire look.

For this mom style look, you’ll need a fitted cropped top with a mock neck with the signature Kim K look. For bottoms , you can either do matching leggings or cargo pants. Wear chunky sneakers for shoes, and classy shades as accessories.

leather jacket bomber black

Girl-Next-Door Style Featuring Vintage Classic Bomber Jacket

Girl-next-door looks are pretty girly if you can’t wrap the concept around your head. The looks are feminine, simple, and pure, to put mildly. Even though a vintage brown bomber leather jacket isn’t anything near feminine, it contrasts the rest of the outfit beautifully. This is why this style is gaining popularity with every passing year.

To start off, you’ll need to select a mild color palette; we suggest beige or something light that goes with brown. Then, you get a high-neck top in that same color along with a divided pleated skirt. Wear this look with knee-high boots that match your brown bomber leather jacket.

leather jacket bomber black

Preppy Punk Style Featuring Vintage Hooded Bomber Jacket

The fusion of preppy and punk styles has been in the mainstream fashion since forever and we love it! However, you can up the rebellious teenager vibe by a huge margin if you style the look with a leather jacket bomber black. This look demands droopy shoulders, and extra volume which regular vintage leather bomber jackets don’t have, so make sure to hunt for the right jacket.

Put this outfit together with a black button-down and mini pleated skirt. You can even wear ripped black stockings underneath for added punkness. Wear the vintage hooded bomber jacket over and complete the look with chunky platform boots.

Bomber leather jacket women

Frequently Asked Questions

How are vintage leather bomber jackets different from regular bomber leather jackets?

Vintage leather bomber jackets and regular bomber jackets both feature the signature aerated silhouette, though the textures are different. While regular bomber jackets are squeaky, shiny, and polished, vintage leather bomber jackets have a patina-rich exterior. Moreover, the vintage jackets don’t have seamless stitching, and the buttons or embellishments are mostly rustic.

What is the best way to style a vintage leather bomber jacket?

The best way to style vintage leather bomber jackets is the old-school way. If it’s a vintage brown bomber leather jacket, wear it with a blue button-down and denim flared jeans. However, if it’s a vintage leather jacket bomber black, swap the blue shirt for white and keep the rest of the fit pretty much the same.

How can you clean a vintage leather bomber jacket?

Cleaning vintage leather bomber jackets can turn into a nasty affair if you don’t follow the steps right. Our best recommendation is to spot-clean the jacket and not expose the delicate leather to chemicals and moisture. But if you need to, you can run over the vintage leather with lukewarm water using a damp cloth. Make sure to dry the jacket well using a dry cloth and buff it one last time using a quality leather moisturizer.