The Best Brown Varsity Jacket - 2024 Collection

Feeling athletic? Or academic? Display this mood through your outfits in the most fun way through a varsity leather jacket. Known by many names, a letterman jacket has a youthful draw to it. It can make you appear younger than any other leather jacket.

Whether it’s your regular black and white letterman or a magnificent maroon varsity jacket, picking the right supporting garments with it is essential. And no, basics are not always right as not all colored varsity jackets illuminate with the basics. The art of picking the right colors with the right garments is non-theoretical, periodt!

For this reason, we, as pros, are here to spare you from the misery. So, take this blog as a dedicated guide about styling varsity leather jackets for different events and occasions.

Top 5 Varsity Leather Jacket Outfits

Classic Style for Casual Looks

Many classic looks revolving around leather jackets involve two must-haves; white t-shirt and blue denim jeans. While it is true that these two basics form the base of most outfits brilliantly, that ain’t the case in this fit. For casual looks with classic black and white letterman jacket, we recommend different base garments.

Replace the white t-shirt with a gray shirt because the triple color contrast of white, black, and gray is literally haut monde. In place of the blue denim jeans, wear black mid-fit linen pants. The medium fit of the pants goes well with the puffy silhouette of the black and white letterman jacket. For shoes, opt for a pair of black desert boots.

Hip-hop Looks of Maroon Varsity Jacket

You can create swift hip-hop looks using varsity leather jackets. In fact, no hippie look is complete without a varsity leather jacket. We’d recommend a black and white letterman for a mild hipster look. However, for a bold hipster look, it’s better to wear a red and black varsity jacket or a maroon varsity jacket.

For this outfit, you’ll need to tuck in an androgynous black t-shirt in black jogger pants. You can even choose cargo pants as long as they are low-rise, because low-rise cargo gives off better hippie vibes. Wear the red and black varsity jacket or a maroon varsity jacket over the fit. Beanie cap is not just an accessory for this look, it completes the look, alongside heavy chunky sneakers.

Bomber Leather Jacket

Retro Style for Party Looks

In our opinion, retro style should be in trend all year long after every year only because of this awe-worthy outfit. This retro style outfit is quite bendable and you can wear it with a maroon varsity jacket as well as a brown varsity jacket. The basic black and white letterman also does the job.

To build look from scratch, you’ll have to get a graphic t-shirt with black base. The graphics pop vibrantly on black so no changes there. Pair this shirt with charcoal gray flared jeans. Wear this look with the black and white letterman or any other dark color. Go with regular Converses and lots of rings as final touches.

Preppy Style for Brown Varsity Jacket

A brown varsity jacket is the peak of all preppy looks for guys and girls. Since varsity jackets came into the spotlight through academic sports, they are easy to pair with most preppy outfits. Though there’s no hard-and-fast rule, we still suggest skipping a maroon varsity jacket for a brown varsity jacket. You can even go with a black and white letterman because of its mild looks.

Pair a white button-down shirt with a diagonal-striped navy tie to build the outfit. Wear tweed pants for bottoms and the showstopper brown varsity jacket. For shoes, you can wear Brogues as they look rich and decent. Accessorize with a bag and ta-da!

Bomber Leather Jacket

Gothic Style of Red and Black Varsity Jacket

A gothic-style outfit isn’t something you can pull off with a red and black varsity jacket. Even though the supporting garments of this fit will look spot on with a red and black varsity jacket, it won’t be gothic. This gothic style features an all-black varsity leather jacket. The look can easily be considered a tech CEO-worthy fit.

The outfit stars a black sleeveless fitted shirt and a pair of jet-black denim jeans. Make sure the denim jeans are straight fit and not well-fitted, or else this look will turn into a punk look. Accessorize with a black watch, black-rimmed specs, and jet black Sketchers. There, you have the perfect sophisticated goth look.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is a black and white letterman jacket made of?

Most times, a black and white letterman jacket is made of sheepskin leather. This thin leather is a top pick of most manufacturers due to its smooth crafting capabilities of this material. Sometimes, the torso is made of suede, while the waist belts are made of elastic.

How do you remove sweat odor from a brown varsity leather jacket?

You can remove sweat stink from your brown varsity leather jacket by spraying it with water and vinegar. Create the solution with equal parts water and vinegar and let it sit on the leather jacket for fifteen minutes before wiping it off. Run another round of this spray if there’s still odor left.

What is the difference between a varsity leather jacket and a bomber leather jacket?

A varsity leather jacket is a bomber jacket but with stripes, letters, or numbers. Compared to a bomber leather jacket, a letterman jacket can also bear logo imprints. In general, these two jackets share the same silhouette, so they might be confused for one another.