Western Leather Jacket women Latest Trend in US

For the love of leather, what should a woman wear in 2024? Interesting question, and the answer is even more interesting. A western leather jacket women has showstopper potential, so it isn’t an ordinary garment you wear for the sake of wearing. Leather jackets should be worn for their classy look, chic style, and, importantly, the ultimate social status they express.

Hopping to answer our question once again? A few options include the latest and forecasted trends showcased on the runway. Or you could blast into the past and wear some evergreen trends. Choice is all yours..

Best Leather Jacket Trends of All Time

Mom Leather Trend

Confused about how to style that dapper biker leather jacket? Go back to the early 2000s, when mom jeans were a thing. Then take a stroll to the late 2010s, when leather jackets were a hit. Combine the two, and you have the all-time favorite mom leather jacket trend.

Disclaimer - this trend is not only for moms. It’s for teens and tweens who want a relaxed look. You need a black turtleneck with medium-wash denim mom jeans to achieve this look. A crop leather jacket women in biker design. You can also accessorize with black leather belts and necklaces.

leather jacket tall womens

Relaxed Shearling Trend

The shearling leather jacket trend has become a huge part of the recent fashion trends. This jacket was already big with its majestic sherpa and grand look. The expensive price tags of shearling leather jacket tall womens was simply the cherry on top.

For this look, you need a slightly boxy silhouette and a one-size-plus jacket. Pair the shearling leather jacket women tan or brown with a beige or grey turtleneck. Wear black straight-fit pants underneath, and remember, denim is a huge no for this fit. Pair the look with tiny hoops, and voila!

Shearling Leather jacket

Western Cowboy Trend

Who doesn’t like coastal cowgirl aesthetics? And when infused with a little leather, the picture is simply artistic! For this look, you’ll need a black western leather jacket women with fringes. Fringes are a necessity to achieve the cowgirl vibes, so don’t skip that.

With the fringe jacket, pair a striped white t-shirt with either jeans or shorts. You can also go with a fringe leather jacket women tan and pair it up with a short dress. Top off the look with long leather boots, and you’re ready for the Summerfest.


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Belted Business-Casual Trend

Leather and business casual looks go hand-in-hand (if you’ve got a taste). But to elevate the repeated leather blazer looks, there’s a trend to spice up your vibe. Featured in the FW23 Milan Fashion Week, a trend tied a leather blazer around the waist.

This look became extremely popular because it eliminated the unwanted boxy silhouettes in most business casual looks. So, if you feel that your leather blazer is off, get a matching leather belt and cinch up that waist. The look suits even better when you’re wearing a leather skirt underneath.


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Best Leather Jacket Trends 2024

Oversized Leather Jackets

As per the KNWLS autumn/winter 2024 Gorunway, leather jackets are going all out with the oversized silhouette this season. Get ready to experience the chemistry between huge leather bomber jackets with puffy sleeves and prominent jackets over skin-fit pants.

Even if this isn’t the combo you were expecting for this year, it’s forecasted to be a huge hit because of the current TikTok cozy-wear aesthetics. The JW Anderson and Supriya Lele also featured similar bulky leather jackets with high collar necks that add soul to the lifeless structure of the outfits. Pair these jackets with something tight, something cropped, and something a tad bit colorful.


Oversized Leather jacket women

Leather on Leather

Leather-on-leather has been a huge trend in the past, and it is repeating itself in 2024 with a little twist. According to the Dilara Findikoglu autumn/winter 2024 Gorunway, the punk era is not far off. One of the highlights of the show was a slinky racer leather jacket paired with straight leather pants.

This forecasts a huge indication towards leather-on-leather, and not specifically with pants. So you can finally wear those slutty leather skirts you impulse-bought. You can also go a little out of the way and do a cropped leather jacket women with your fav bottoms because customization is the key to creativity.


Leather jacket women

Full on Leather

2024 is the year of leather, and a little credit goes to ‘the King Kylie’; but why? Her recently launched leather-focused brand KHY has been in the news all over. With polished, premium, and posh leatherwear all over women’s feed, the trend is bound to get hyped up.

Be it a leather jacket tall womens or short: everyone is going nuts after Khy’s leather bodycon. Their faux leather strapless long dresses are also expected to become the next 2024 trend, and for all good reasons. So, next time you’re shopping, make sure to get your hands on some leather dresses.

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Leather Overalls

Leather overalls such as trench coats and regular-fit coats are a woman’s dream. You’ll be ecstatic to know that this American girl's dream is going to be in the headlines soon. According to Global Sources and Pop Fashion, leather trench coats will be back this season after the immense hype in fall 2023.

Seems like this trend is here to stay for good. The good part is that you have endless options to glamorize a leather trench coat. Pair it up with a pointed collar shirt with a belt and stocking for the Italian effect. You can also wear it as a business casual element.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do leather jackets look better with age?

Not all leather jackets look better with age. However, those that do have developed a rich patina over time. Patina is a soft waxy sheen that covers the surface over time, making the leather look deeper and richer.

Is it still fashionable to wear a leather jacket?

Yes, leather jackets are still fashionable in 2024. Be it a crop leather jacket women or a leather jacket talls women, leather will always be a top trend, though the styling ways will evolve with time.

How do you look classy in a leather jacket?

You can look classy in a leather jacket by the way you style it. The color also matters, so if you pair a white leather jacket with white overalls, you’ll look like an elite. Similarly, you’ll have to focus on the silhouette contrast to achieve a classy look.