What Are The Types of Shearling Leather Jackets in 2024 ?

A shearling leather jacket  features a timeless appeal. No matter who wears it, this jacket automatically transfers its charisma to the person wearing it. This is the second-best reason why people opt for a men or women shearling leather jackets rather than a regular jacket. The first reason for its insane popularity remains the top-notch insulation, of course.

But which shearling jacket men should you, dear American, invest in? Shearling jacket women and men come in a great amount of designs and cuts, but the top 4 favorites are given below.  So study them according to your body shape and build, then select the perfect piece for yourself.

Top 4 Types of Shearling Leather Jacket Designs

Bomber Shearling Jacket

A bomber shearling jacket women and men is the first choice when it comes to shearling jackets because of how common it is. The puffed-up, aerated silhouette hides your body shape well with a grand hood that covers the breadth of your shoulders. This shearling coat or jacket design is perfect for people who don’t have a toned torso. You can easily get your hands on such a design at the Prime Leather Shop.

To style this puffball of a leather jacket gracefully, you need to pair it up with a turtleneck. Simple T-shirts or shirts won’t do the job because this jacket requires an inner that snatches to the neck.  For bottoms, we highly recommend straight-fit dark-wash denim jeans because they complement the boxy upper. Check the amazing Demi lovato Shearling Leather Jacket

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Shearling Moto Jacket

Shearling moto jackets are simply moto jackets but way cooler and striking. A men or women shearling jacket moto design is bound to have that stern, solid impression that moto jackets usually have. The moto shearling coat or jacket is for those who have a broad structure and aren’t shy to show it off. This jacket design is easily available in the men’s category at PrimeLeatherShop.

Styling the men shearling jacket requires critical thinking because you don’t want to end up looking like an aircraft aviator. To style this jacket casually, you need a colored T-shirt as a base. You can go in any color except black, white, or gray. The perfect choice for bottoms isn’t denim but straight beige pants. You can also go for chinos if you want a semi-casual look.

Shearling Jacket Men

Shirt-Style Shearling Jacket

The sherpa of a shearling jacket men can be quite attractive. So, if you want something mild, the shirt-style shearling jacket is a great option. This shirt-style shearling jacket men isn’t like other boxy fits, instead it molds to your body. The jacket is perfect for trapeze body shapes with a low proportion of the lower torso than the upper torso. You can find this jacket at the Prime Leather Shop by the name ‘Elvis Presley Jacket.’

To style this jacket in a casual club style, all you need is a well-fitted T-shirt. Though there’s no restriction on color, darker shades fit the look better. Pair the look with light-wash ripped and distressed denim jeans. Make sure the jeans are straight-fit, not skin-fit.



Oversized Shearling Jacket

A leather shearling jacket women or men is synonymous with prominence. However, in case you want to take it to the next step, we recommend an oversized shearling jacket. The oversized men shearling jacket is tailored according to your own size with a larger sherpa and slightly bigger length. The Bradd Pitt Shearling Jacket men at the Prime Leather Shop is the vibe we’re pointing at. This jacket isn’t for narrow body frames and suits the rest just fine.

You can always style this brilliant jacket mildly or do it the right way by wearing it with a monochrome look. The color you choose depends solely on the color of your jacket. Just remember that dark goes best with dark, and light goes best with light. The silhouette of your base garment, however, should not be baggy, so make sure to wear something fitted.



Summary of Shearling Leather Jackets Types Men & Women

Shearling Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the proper way of cleaning a shearling jacket women and men?

Cleaning a shearling leather jacket men requires double effort because you have to clean the attached sherpa separately. Go with lukewarm water and soap solution using a damp cloth for the leather part. As for the sherpa, simply spot-clean it using the same solution and spray a little fabric cleaner on top of it before gently removing the excess with a cloth.

What is the average price of a shearling coat or jacket in the USA?

A leather shearling coat or jacket is expensive, and it can cost an average of $500 to $3000 for a quality find. Prominent fashion houses charge even more for the simplest designs. At the same time, the Prime Leather Shop offers amazing shearling jacket men designs at affordable rates.

Is it worth buying a shearling jacket men in the USA?

If you live in the Alaska or Minnesota region of the USA then a shearling jacket women or men is an ideal everyday wardrobe investment. However, you won’t be needing a shearling much in the warmer states apart from the colder months which last only a month or two.

Are American shearling leather jackets better than Italian ones?

Italian leather jackets are better than most American leather jackets in terms of strength and durability. Even though Italian leather jackets take the spot as the finer quality jacket, not all American leather jackets suck. You can find some American leather jackets that don’t fade and have a strong exterior.