Unveiling the Hottest Leather Coat Shearling Trends for Women

Tired of wearing the same tees and jeans with your basic leather jacket every winter? Maybe it's time to take a blast from the past and review some evergreen fashion trends featuring Leather Coat Shearling. Because shearling jackets are ultimate winter clothing.

Seriously though, shearling jackets are worth the money if you know the multiple ways to style them. Since a leather shearling coat or jacket is heavyweight, pairing it with different garments can often be hectic. Which is why we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we'll show you the five fashion trends that have been hits in the history of all featuring shearling jackets. So hop along for the best fashion advice from the best fashion mentors.

leather shearling jacket

Top 5 Fashion Trends Featuring Leather Coat Shearling

Casual Chic / Tomboy Chic

Since leather coat shearling is considered high-end and appealing, it doesn't fit in the big picture of tomboy looks. Hence, creating a tomboy look with a leather shearling jacket is a challenge, but we accept it with open arms. This tomboy chic look is equally a casual chic look because it's all about how you carry the outfit.

To start off this look, you'll have to focus on layering. Build your layers with a button-down wrapped under a button-down sweater. Leave your sweater half tucked in your straight-fit light-wash denim jeans. Wear this look with sneakers and a cross-body bag over that gorgeous short leather shearling coat.

leather shearling jacket

Preppy Chic / Equestrian Chic

When in doubt, go preppy. It's the safest style one can wear, and when it involves a leather shearling jacket, the look gets ten times better. If you choose the right colors and material, you can turn this preppy chic fit into equestrian chic; there's a thin line between these two styles.

To get the preppy chic look, you'll need a beige cashmere high-neck to pair with dark-wash navy jeans. The beige leather coat shearling adds a monochrome effect to the top, while the navy jeans gracefully break the color tone. To turn this look into equestrian chic, you simply swap the navy jeans for beige jodhpurs. Top off this look with beige boots; you'll get two looks in one deal.

Shearling Leather Jacket Women

Smart Chic / Boss Lady Chic

If you're a working woman who likes to look the part, smart chic or boss lady chic looks are perfect for you. Since smart casual looks can easily go downhill, a leather shearling coat can always save the day. But before picking any garment, you have to pick a color range that is suitable for office wear.

Once you've picked your two colors, hunt for a ruffled blouse and wide-legged pants in those colors. A ruffled blouse is optional, though it adds flare to your fit. Depending on your chosen color range, you can opt for a black leather shearling jacket or a brown one. Complete the look with spicy stilettos, and you're done!

Shearling Leather Jacket Women

Nautical Chic / Basic Chic

A leather coat shearling ain't basic, and we can swear by this statement a thousand times over. But, with a little manipulation, you can create a basic look out of a not-so-basic leather shearling jacket. Plus, this look we're drooling over doubles as a nautical chic fit, which is a bonus.

To build this look, you'll have to find slit mid-length denim skirts. Now, denim is basic, and paired with a black and white striped t-shirt creates a basic ultra-pro max look. Add a black leather shearling coat and a thin brown leather belt to perfect this look.

leather shearling coat

Bohemian Chic / Glam Girl Chic

A bohemian chic look featuring a leather shearling jacket - Risky? Maybe. Worth the try? Totally! This look is a stellar voice for early fall events like pumpkin patches and cider tastings. You can transform this look into glam girl chic with extra accessorization and footwear.

For the boho chic look, you'll need a bohemian dress in maroon, brown, or sage green base. We wouldn't recommend colors like orange or pumpkin because they'd clash with the brown leather coat shearling, which is non-adjustable. Pair the dress with black stockings and black square-front heeled boots. For the glam chic look, we'd suggest swapping the boots for stilettos and adjusting the makeup.

leather shearling coat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a leather shearling jacket and a flight jacket?

The main difference between a shearling leather jacket and an aviator jacket is the placement of the sherpa. Most people ignore this technical detail, but aviator jackets only have the wool lining on the collar. A leather shearling jacket has a sherpa down its notch lapels, too.

How to treat a fading leather patch from a leather coat shearling?

Your leather coat shearling can often fade due to excessive exposure to sunlight or sometimes dryness. You can always fix a fading leather patch by moisturizing the leather properly. Simply clean the jacket and polish it with a leather conditioner or restoration cream a few times.

What's the best way to dry a shearling leather jacket without ruining it?

The best way to dry a leather shearling jacket is first with a dry microfiber cloth. Once the moisture is wiped off the leather part, allow the jacket to air dry. Hanging in the air will dry the sherpa well without ruining the leather area due to excessive moisture.